Trust in the Lord Personal Checks

Trust in the Lord Checks

When things get rough the only one that you can always count on for sure is the Lord. You can now hold strong onto the Lord and be reminded of this whenever you open your checkbook. Through the Trust in the Lord Check designs you can have a meaningful reminder. A simple beige background sets off a soulful image of the face of Christ. Beside each image is a simple verse. Choose from four different verses that will remind you of God’s love. A gold border completes the entire look. These inspiring verses and design will be something that you can enjoy for a long time since it is printed on high quality paper and in full color.

You won’t just be inspired to hold onto Christ with these check designs, you won’t have any trouble using them either. All checks contain standard check features that other checks have. You can have your name and address printed on it; even the name of your bank can be printed.