Thomas Kinkade Personal Checks

Faith For All Seasons

Heaven on Earth


There is always something inspiring about a charming countryside picture giving off the soothing atmosphere of an idyllic setting. In these Thomas Kinkade bible verse checks, these pictures are accompanied with enlightening lines from the Holy Bible to help you establish a better connection with God. Thomas Kinkade’s paintings have always been used in many items—greeting cards, calendars, wall art, notebooks, stationery, the list goes on. Now you can also enjoy Thomas Kinkade’s artwork in your own personal checks.

The first collection of Thomas Kinkade checks is the Faith for All Seasons personal checks. Featuring four different checks that correspond to each of the four seasons, these checks remind us that faith should not be waning. Amidst the changing seasons, faith should remain strong and steady. Amidst the colorful shrubs and greenery (all-white in winter, of course) featured in the checks, there sit a small, intimate chapel in the middle of each of the checks.

Have you ever felt like you would like to feel a bit, even just a little bit, of heaven here on earth? The Thomas Kinkade style of painting that uses muted pastel colors and a soft, glowing light surely turns an ordinary garden into something very much just like heaven. The Heaven on Earth Thomas Kinkade bible verse checks feature lovely gates and bridges, passageways that serve as entrances to the kingdom beyond the material world. These passageways are surrounded by bushes brimming with flowers and trees whose leaves turn gold in the afternoon.

The Lighthouse personal checks are also adaptations of Thomas Kinkade’s works. Every time you look at these checks, be reminded that there is light and guidance for you, as long as you acknowledge it. The checks in this collection feature imposing lighthouses standing tall next to a sea of crashing waves and water sprays. They also feature a special bible verse to remind you of the goodness of God and offer a little prayer every time you take a look at the check.

All Thomas Kinkade bible verse checks are printed in high-quality paper. When you order your own set of these checks, your name and other bank information will be included in the checks so that you can use them for all standard bank transactions.