The Lord Is My Shepherd Personal Checks

The Lord Is My Shepherd Checks

The Lord is my shepherd is one of the most popular verses in the bible, it is also an inspiring design that you can have on your checks. Each time that you open your checkbook or write a check you can now be reminded of God’s unfailing love and guidance that he provides each day. Four different designs are available for you to choose from. All designs show Jesus tending to sheep in a pasture; each design is accompanied by the verse “The Lord is my Shepherd”. These carefully done drawings have a gentle touch to them that will surely touch your heart too.

Aside from the inspiring designs you can be sure that you’ll be getting great quality for your money. All checks are made with high quality paper and printed in full color. These checks also follow specific check features found in your regular ones. Your name and address can be printed along with your financial institution’s name. All these ensure ease of use both for you during your transactions.