Simple Personal Checks


Cross Checks

Enduring Faith

Modesty and simplicity are two Christian virtues that are extolled in each one of us. A life lived in open candor and chastity is a life far richer than that lived in mansions full of material wealth and worldly pleasures. These simple Christian checks are, albeit small, a manifestation of these extolled characteristics of a good follower of Jesus Christ, who, himself, went 40 days and nights without food and water in the desert, casting off all forms of man-made requirements and delights.

Believing in God almighty and his goodness is the one central action that is asked of all Christians. You wouldn’t be called a believer for nothing, would you? The Believe collection of personal checks all don a design that is simple and clutter-free—exactly the kind of life all real believers are asked to live. These simple Christian checks come in four colors: green, pink, purple, and blue, with the borders having darker shades and fading out into a lighter color towards the center. The highlight of the Believe personal checks is a huge gold cross made of foil located in the upper left corner of the check.

Speaking of checks, we also have a simple Cross check design, one that is made of patterns of crosses. The design features two colors: a pale amber for the background and a more vivid golden yellow to define the border and the cross patterns. The cross is a very important symbol in our lives because it reminds us of the suffering and sacrifice that Jesus Christ went through for our sins. You will be reminded of this every time you open your checkbook and see your collection of Cross personal checks.

And for you to be able to keep believing in the power that is symbolized by the cross, you have to have lasting faith. The Enduring Faith personal check allows us to remember the need to have faith in this world. The design is simple, with a neutral tan color and light rays of the sun filtering in through the clouds. At the upper left corner is an ictus, two opposite arches meeting, with the right ends extending beyond the meeting point to look like a fish.

The simple Christian checks are printed in high-quality paper and in full color so that you get to appreciate the beauty of their simplicity. They also include all your pertinent bank information so you can use these checks in all standard bank transactions.