Serenity with Verse Personal Checks

Serenity with Verse Checks

Find yourself a getaway amidst the busy world simply through your checks. Take your pick from four different designs that all depict the country side taken from the paintings of Thomas Kinkade. Each of the designs will give you a breath taking view that will fill you with a feeling of peace and quiet; just what you need for any busy day. Every time that you open your checkbook you’ll be welcomed with a quiet winding road, a flowing stream, a quiet little cottage or a mixture of all these. To top it all off, these checks come with a popular bible verse to inspire you.

To make sure that you get the most out of your checks, each one is printed on high quality paper and uses full color. You can guarantee that your checks will look great from the very first time that you get them to when you’ve used them all up. All of these also follow standard check functions and details. Your name and address as well as the name of your financial institution can also be included.