Serenity with Spanish Verse Personal Checks

Serenity with Spanish Verse Checks

Fill even the busiest of your days with peace and a feeling of serenity through these personal check designs. The English country side scenes from the paintings of Thomas Kinkade grace these checks complete with a bible verse at the upper left hand corner or each Check. The verses are written in Spanish for an added touch. Even if you aren’t one to understand Spanish you’ll surely appreciate these familiar verses. A best seller among customers is the verse that goes “the Lord is my strength and my song”.

Aside from these peaceful settings you will also find these personal checks easy to use. Each check is made with the standard check details that you will find in other bank issued checks. Your name and address can be easily put on along with the name of your financial institution. All checks are printed on high quality paper in full color to ensure that your checks stay as beautiful from the day you get them to the day you issue your last check.