Prince of Peace Personal Checks

Prince of Peace Checks

Find Peace each day whenever you open your checkbook. There is nothing more peaceful than gazing upon the image of the Prince of Peace himself. Set against a light blue back ground with a white illuminating border, you’ll find the image of Christ with his hands lifted up. A Light from heaven baths him while a cross on the left side of the check can also be found. No matter how many troubles you have or how difficult your days you will be filled with peace each time you write a check and see this.

Aside from this serene design other details and standard check features are included with every check. Your name and address will be included on the upper left of each check and your bank’s name can also be printed on the mid left. There’s no worrying about the quality of your checks deteriorating over time. Your checks will look good from day one to the end since they are all printed on high quality paper. Full color is also used in printing to make sure that even the littlest of details are captured.