Living Words Personal Checks

Living Words Checks

Complete your day with an inspiring bible verse that will feed your spirit and make you feel better each time that you open your check book. You’ll be greeted by some unique art work as well. All of the designs in featured in the Living Words check designs are adapted from paper sculpture art. Each one is made to remind you of the things that we often associate with the word of the Lord. A dove, loaves of bread, hearts and a fish are among the designs which you can choose from.

Aside from these wonderful designs each design is accompanied a bible verse to complete it. You can be sure that you will be enjoying these checks from the start to the very end since they are printed in full color and on high quality paper. Of course, all standard check features are included with these. You name, address and the name of your financial institution can be included as well. You r days will surely be brighter and more inspiring with these check designs.