Heaven's Light Personal Checks

Heaven's Light

Be reminded of heaven and Christ each time that you open your checkbook or write out a check. With the Heaven’s Light check design series you can now have special scenes depicting Christ or the Light from heaven. Any of the four available designs will surely inspire you and remind you of God’s grace and his greatness as well. All designs are set amidst the clouds and show rays shining from the heavens above with the hands of Christ, Christ himself, Christ and a dove or a picture of Calvary. Side borders are also printed on to compliment the check designs.

No matter which of these designs you choose you can be inspired from start to finish. All checks are made with high quality paper and are printed in full color for the perfect effect. You can also have your details such as your name and address printed on; even the name of your bank can be included. Other standard check features are also included for ease of use.