Footprints in the Sand Personal Checks

Footprints in the Sand

Be inspired and comforted by these lovely "Footprints in the Sand" check designs that are inspired by the timeless comfort of the beloved poem of the same name. Each of the checks in this masterpiece religious art collection shows a secluded ocean beach bathed in golden light with two sets of footprints that making their way along the sands of life. Then they merge as a Higher Power lifts the weary traveler - carrying you safely through troubled times.

You can also be sure that each of the checks you get will last you a long time whatever design you choose. These are printed on high quality paper and are done in full color to capture every detail and to give life to the designs. Aside from this you will also find all the standard check details that you would have on any bank issued checkbook. So you can use these beautiful checks in any standard bank as well without any problems.