Floral Borders with Verse Personal Checks

Floral Borders with Verse

Flowers can be a wonderful way to lift up your spirits and brighten up your day. Each time that you open your checkbook you can now have a connection with nature. Soak up the beauty of lilies and other flowers as you pick from four different designs featuring various types of flowers in shades of pink and purple. As you enjoy this beautiful view you can also be inspired with the word of God. Each of these checks comes with a bible verse at the top. These short but meaningful verses will surely add to the joy that these checks can give you.

Aside from being a wonderful sight you can also be sure that you are getting your money’s worth with these checks. Each one is printed in full color and on high quality paper; there’ll be no worrying about losing the beauty that it has. Your checks are guaranteed to look great from start to end. All checks are also made with standard check details such as your name, address and the name of your financial institution.