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We all find inspiration in our Christian faith that is unwavering and always strong. Our general Christian and religious checks help strengthen this faith by reminding us each time we open our checkbooks that our belief in He who created us and his Only Son whom He sent to save us from our sins is what keeps us alive.

Learning this faith early on during the childhood years is very important if we want to keep and strengthen this faith. The Christian Education collection of personal checks is a unique and colorful set of checks that feature crayon drawings reminiscent of a child’s artwork. There is a rainbow circle in the middle surrounding a symbol that stands for a religious meaning. These bsymbols are: a musical note, hands clasped in prayer, the Holy Bible, the Earth, a star, an angel, a dove, and a butterfly. The borders of these checks are a bright yellow, blue, red, and green.

On the other hand, the Living Word personal checks contain inspirational bible verses that can uplift the spirits in times of hopelessness and loneliness. These verses are the words of Jesus Christ himself, who taught us to turn to him in times of need. All artwork featured in the Living Word checks are adapted from paper sculptures and the checks themselves adorn vivid yet gentle pastel colors. You can choose from designs featuring a loaf of bread, a dove flying amidst a sunrise backdrop, hearts, and a fish.

And for us Christians, one of the most important and happiest seasons of the year is Christmastime, when Jesus our Brother was given to us through the love of God and a loving foster family in Joseph and Mary. The Nativity personal checks have adorable designs that feature scenes from the Nativity of Jesus—from when Joseph was leading the donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem, when they reached the stable where Jesus was born, when the angels visited the shepherds, and when the shepherds visited the newborn King.

We also have personal checks for Marian devotees who follow the lead of the ever-loving Virgin Mother. The three Virgin Mary personal checks feature Mary standing gracefully against a backdrop of stars and clouds, green meadows and flowers, or waters crashing against rocks. The color of the checks is a light silvery blue reminiscent of the sky on a magical night.

All of our general Christian and religious checks are printed in high-quality printing paper. All your pertinent bank information will also be included in the checks so you can use them in all standard bank transactions.