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Serenity Verse

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Heavenly Reflections

We have never found so much inspiration in other things as in the Holy Bible. The word of the Lord himself is imprinted in these pages and reading a verse everyday is enough to strengthen our faith and enlighten our spirits. Now, you can also do these with bible verse and scripture checks, where you can see and reflect upon the word of God and its effect on your daily life.

Artist Cathy Freund’s paintings are featured in four Heavenly Reflections personal checks to depict the love, cheer, and beauty that is experienced in reading the scripture. Be a butterfly fleeting from one periwinkle flower to another, or experience the life-giving force commonly known as water, or simply enjoy the beauty of bright yellow flowers dancing in the breeze and basking in the warm sunshine. They are not bible verse and scripture checks for nothing, though, because they also feature uplifting passages to give us hope in a life that can otherwise be dull and dreary.

Many of Thomas Kinkade’s artworks are also used in the Serenity with Spanish personal checks. And serenity is what you actually feel with Kinkade’s trademark glowing lights and saturated pastel colors. These four personal checks feature idyllic scenes of countryside cottages, stone bridges over lightly bubbling brooks, feet-worn paths flanked by tall pink rose bushes, and the autumn trees slowly turning from amber to glowing red.

“Believe all things are possible with God.” This verse is simple enough, yet the message is so strong it reverberates through to us. This is one of the verses featured in the Floral Borders with Verses personal checks. This collection of bible verse and scripture checks make you feel as though you were looking through an opening in a huge bush of roses to see a bright blue sky where the angels of God come dancing through. Whether you like pink roses, red tulips, purple bougainvilleas, or blue asters, you will surely feel at ease with these personal checks.

Or perhaps you prefer a bouquet of flowers instead of a border. The four Basket Bouquets with Verse personal checks are always a welcome addition to any ordinary day, as is a real bunch of flowers sent to you by a loving partner or a secret admirer. These bible verse and scripture checks also feature their own inspirational verses to keep you enlightened and ever faithful in He who wrote the verses.

All of these personal checks are printed in high-quality printing paper. You will get from us no flimsy thin-paper checks, only high-grade quality paper. All your pertinent bank information will also be included in the checks of your choice so that you can use them in all standard bank transactions.