An Angel's Light Personal Checks

An Angel's Light Checks

Find inspiration and each time that you open your checkbook when you look at the serene backgrounds offered to you by An Angel’s Light. Each of the four different check designs in this category features an angel by a light house looking up to heaven as of to offer prayers. The lighthouse is set in a plush surrounding embraced by greenery and the wonders of nature. Aside from this heart touching picture you also get a breath taking scene of the sea and sky, both magnificent in their color and state.

Any person with a need to reconnect with God or in need of some serenity and guidance in life will take comfort in this check design. Each of the designs come with the standard check features such as a name and address and the upper left, along with the things that you will find on all other checks. This is printed on high quality paper which will surely last you a long time. Full color is used to ensure that the true essence of every scene depicted is captured in every check that you get.